Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I feel conflicted about what to write tonight and I know I will run out of steam long before I have written all I want to say.  I feel a deep need to say thank you to everyone that participated in any way in the amazing day we had on Saturday with the balloon release for Piper.  I want to dedicate an entire post to that, and tried to write it last night but did not have enough emotional capacity left to write even a sentence... I tried - unsuccessfully!  Tonight though, I feel an even greater need to dedicate today's post to the amazing fathers in my life so that one will have to wait one more day.

Jordan, I am your biggest admirer.  There is little in life that is as endearing to me as watching you with our children.  I have watched you grow in fatherhood over the last 8 years from one who rarely handled children or knew what to do with them to one who is skilled at parenting in so many ways.  I marvel as I watch your patience with Peyton when he is attacking you with pillows, with Nerf bullets or with his little sharp jabs; you not only exude patience, but you also radiate joy in those moments.  Your emotions are not those of a parent just doing his job of meeting the child's need, but those of one truly enjoying every moment with his child.  Watching the way you adored Piper and so gently and tenderly loved on her fills my heart even now just remembering it.  I knew something had changed you deeply when you were willing to spend even your most exhausted moments with her, cuddling, reading books, "wrestling," and sometimes even feeding her.  Every one needs to have moments of reprieve and you deserve these, but I just want to say thank you for dedicating so many of them to her over the last year.  You have loved Peyton, Drew and Piper so well - they are blessed to be able to have you for their Daddy, and I am blessed to have you by my side.  Happy Father's Day my love!

To My Dad, Dennis: I have been an adoring fan of yours for as long as I can remember and probably longer than that!  You have been everything I could have ever asked for in a dad and more.  In the last year, I watched you pour out your heart on behalf of my family, showing how deep your love for your children goes.  Thank you.  You sacrificed a lot to come up here and spend so much time with our family during Piper's last two months here, but there was never a question as to whether you were doing the right thing.  Watching you love on my children has deepened my love for, and respect of, you in so many ways, and there has been no better way to show love to me than to love my children so much.  I will always remember watching you cuddle with Piper and Drew in the early morning hours.  Knowing that they were loved by you brings me joy.  What an incredible gift.  Thank you.  Happy Father's Day!


To My Father-In-Law, Kevin: You are my favourite father-in-law!  You are also a treasure in my life.  I value your wisdom so much, and I value the fact that you are willing to share it with me even more.  Thank you for all the times you sit and listen, and for the times you set me on a straighter course.  You inspire me to be more.  Thank you for loving Jordan the way you do too - I am so blessed to be part of this family.  Your love for him, and for our children provides a rich legacy for our family.  I deeply treasure your relationship with Peyton and I will always value the time you spent capitalizing on moments with Piper.  Thank you.  Happy Father's Day!

To my heavenly Father... the one who understands me better than I do myself... I am humbled and have no words to say to the one who deserves my greatest thanks both today and every day.  I need your love desperately, and I long for your embrace.  You hold two of my children in your arms and I am so grateful to know that their every need is met in so many more ways than I could have ever provided.  To say thank you to you is simply not enough.

Happy Father's Day to every dad out there today... I hope you know how valuable you are to your children!


  1. WOW! Tears again. Beautiful and so inspiring. I know your Dad is proud of you and loves all of you so much. He shows you off as often as he can. :o)
    Thank you and God bless,
    Aimee B

  2. Dear Friend,
    I agree with the above comment...and wonder if there is anything more inspirational than an amazing joy that has overcome heartache viewed by the world as insurmountable. Once again, I see glory being given to our Heavenly Father, through your thanksgivings on Father's well as countless days before that. I love your heart, and we are blessed by your spirit that we've learned so much about through your words.
    These particular pictures you've shared bring about tears, but the kind stemming from the touch of lovingkindness and mercy God extends to us through the hearts and hands of earthly fathers for whom there is no equal. I'll be honest in saying that there have been many times I've wanted answers to questions regarding the degree of heartache life has handed out to your family, as well as others. Reading thoughts and experiences you've shared seems to me like the gentle and loving response of God's immearsurable love. I pray that you, Jordan and Peyton receive even more blessings than you have given.
    Always love and prayer,

  3. Crying, crying, crying. And smiling. And crying. And smiling. I miss you, and I can't wait to see Piper and Drew again.

  4. Your words leave me in tears as usual Kari, beautiful. You always challenge and encourage me to a new perspective.

  5. I hope these days are bringing some moments of happiness. Sending positive thoughts and prayes your way...