Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The gentle prayers of children

Peyton's teacher, Mrs. Cossette, came to visit Piper the other day after school and brought a special little something with her. She waited until Peyton entered the room and then asked him if he wanted to show Piper what the kids in his class had made that morning. He was so excited. He pulled out this blanket for Piper as he and Mrs. Cossette explained what it was. Each of the children in his class wanted to send their love and prayers to Piper and wanted her to feel that they were laying their gentle loving hands on her to bring her peace and comfort. I have no doubt that she is covered in God's love when she is covered in this blanket! Thank you to each of the children that spread their love to our family through this soft touch of paint. Thank you also to the hearts that made this idea a reality.


  1. Oh such a precious gift of love - and so beautiful! And look at Peyton's proud smile - I love it!

  2. such a beautiful gift of love for all of you. Payton couldn't smile any bigger if he tried.

  3. What a thoughtful and loving gesture!