Monday, April 16, 2012

It was a Pinkeriffic day!

To everyone who went out of their way to go Pink - thank you! There are just no words to express how my heart is feeling tonight. Absolutely overwhelmed right now! I am supposed to be in bed so I won't be too tired for my shift but I cannot go to bed until I say thank you to everyone who went Pink for Piper today! You have hugely impacted our world!

Here are some pics from today!

I want to add more to this, but I have to go to bed so check in again for more!

Thanks Ronni and Martin! Beauty for Beauty!

Thanks Rick and Michelle - Love with Petals on it!

Now this Daddy LOVES his daughter... the only time in his life he will ever go for this!

She slept until the middle of the afternoon so we had to lay the shirt on top until we felt like it was ok to bother her to put it on!


  1. I am constantly uplifted by your strength & faith. We were proud to wear pink for Piper and to tell everyone who would listen why we were wearing pink. Love you all so much.

  2. Kari, thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. You all are in our thoughts & prayers.
    With love,
    Melisa & Aaron Pavao

  3. I wore pink scrubs to work yesterday, and my all pink pajamas last night! That is awesome that Jordan had his toes painted, what an awesome dad :)

    As always, we are thinking of you all! Please thank Peyton for me, he played with Owen the other day at the Raugusts', when Evelyn didn't want Owen bugging her :p

  4. Kari I haven't met Jordan but I think you were blessed with a wonderful man! Men will say "I'd do anything for my children." But, not many are thinking about painting their toenails! I hope you felt all the love that was coming your way from around the United States!

  5. Thank you Kari for updating this blog. We've met none of you but know Kevin. I love these pictures and I think your family is so beautiful. Piper and Peyton have a wonderful mommy and daddy, and I am so touched by your family. Certainly when I read your entries it puts my worries in perspective.
    Lots of kisses to that beautiful big eyed girl! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and stories.

    Margo and Travis Weber

  6. Pink is definitely Piper's color! What a beautiful girlie you have. My mom and I wore our pink yesterday and since the boys don't have a lick of pink in their wardrobe they opted to drink pink milkshakes for Piper. Drew and I have been praying for your family since my mom shared your news with us when Piper was first diagnosed. May God continue to uplift you as you walk this path and give you the peace and strength you need for each moment.

  7. Kari, Not sure if you remember me. Mandy Trader from Missoula Christ's Church forever ago. I saw your blog through your sister's Facebook & other friends. I read it a few days ago & cried through most of it. Your children are blessed to have such a great & Godly mom! I am a flight paramedic & work in a very all male world but wore as much pink as I could get away with on my flight suit yesterday & on my helmet in the helicopter. Being surrounded by boys at work they gave me a bad time about it & it gave me an opportunity to tell them & the other people in the hospital who commented on my pink accessories a little about your story. It is a witness about God, about fabulous parenting & about mitochondrial diseases which surprisingly a lot of people in a hospital know little about:) I pray for you often, think of your sweet Piper every time I hug my child. Thank you for sharing your story & I pray for God's arms around you during these tough times. Amanda Dufner

  8. Kari, You and your beautiful family have captured my heart and deeply touched me like so many others. I love the picture of you playing piano with Piper. It reminds me of when I first met your mom at a Ladies Advance and you and Nichole were playing the piano, you were just little girls yourselves. What an amazing Godly woman you have grown up to be. Keep the faith through the ups and downs. Praise Him in the Storm. So so many prayers are going up for you and so so much love for you all. I love the pictures of all of the pink toenails!! I'll never look at pink toenails in quite the same way again.... without thinking of your precious Piper, and also remembering your Drew. I haven't seen you for so long, and have not met your husband or your children in person, yet I feel like so many others that we are all part of each other's lives.. touching each other in ways we never dreamed of. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be till someday we are all together forever. Love, Karen Cameron

  9. Still thinking about you guys constantly. Piper's eyes haunt me- in a good way. And every time I come here to read your latest update, I am reminded of how much I love your entire family. Each have blessed our lives in one way or another.

  10. Elena and Denis MalesApril 18, 2012 at 12:26 PM

    Dear Keri And Jordan, your faith and commitment to God encourages us so much, you taught us to love in a new way, to enjoy every moment that Gos has given to us. Thank you for sharing your experience. We are thinking of you and praying that God will continue to strengthen you. Love, Elena and Denis Males

  11. Kari & Jordan,
    Teah & I wore pink for Piper on Monday and you all continue to be in our prayers. What a beautiful family you are. God bless you and keep you close.