Friday, April 20, 2012

Pink for Piper... like a big hug!

Laura, Kallie, Klaire, and April, Avery and Allie all pretty in pink

My adorable nieces, Kallie and Klaire rocking in pink

I wanted to put together a longer post with more thought tonight, but I find my mind is weary today.  I feel okay in body, but my mind can't seem to connect two thoughts.  I am using the wrong words at the wrong time, leaving gaps in my sentences and spinning in circles!  Just when I think I'm doing alright with everything, I realize the impact of a situation like this on one's greater functioning.  Wow!  I won't try to put together anything much tonight because it might be like trying to read a dot-to-dot picture with half the numbers missing!  I just had to write though to share how overwhelmed we have been by the outpouring of PINK support!  There are not enough words!

When Kelli decided to get a Pink for Piper day rolling, we thought it was special that her two little girls wanted to show Piper their love by wearing their love in pink.  It felt like a hug, a connection from someone who cared enough to show their love in such a tangible way.  It touched even deeper when she relayed the effect it had on her girls and how they were impacting their school community through it.  

Then to see it spread around Facebook like it did - the pictures everyone took and sent for us to see!  I want to print every one of them and put them in a book to remember that incredible day!  My heart feels full just remembering how we felt Monday!  Overwhelmed puts it too lightly!  Our hearts were affected deeply!  I felt like I was walking around in a state of joy all day Monday.  To every one who wore pink, whether it was on clothing, or fingernails, signs or stickers...  THANK YOU!!!  One of my favourite days ever.  (Especially the part where I got to give Piper a manicure and Jordan a pedicure!)

To add to an already incredible memory, Peyton's school, Bearspaw Christian School, decided today would be a Pink for Piper day.  I can't think of a way to say thank you in a way that can communicate my feelings adequately!  It was so amazing to see so many people in pink, some that we have not even met yet, but who cared enough to go Pink for Piper!  Each one I saw felt like more than just another person in pink... it was a prayer walking, love expressed, support offered, a heart shared.  Thank you!  It meant so much, not just to me, but to Jordan, to Peyton and to our entire extended family.  When I dropped Peyton off this morning, he immediately noticed the pink.  We were driving up and he noticed a mom driving away, wearing pink.  "Look Mom!  She's wearing pink for my Piper!"  When we got into the parking lot, there were more Pink Supporters.  "Mom!  There's another one!  Look, she's wearing pink too.  And he is.  And she is too!  And another one!"  He could hardly wait to get out of the car, and that's different for this week.  He has not wanted to go to school yet this week, not wanting to miss a moment with Piper and wanting to be near Jordan and I.  He nearly ran into school.  There were a few more wearing pink along the way and it seemed to bolster his confidence.  We got into the classroom and I think everyone in there had something pink on, from clothes to hair!  He couldn't believe it!  I was only able to hold back the tears by thinking about it in my mind, instead of with my heart.  I needed to save that for later!  This is a treasure that Peyton will remember for a long time, and I hope it will provide the foundation for healing that he will need in the coming days in a place he will spend so much time.  To all the families in this community we are a part of, thank you.  We are blessed to have your support and love!

A quick update on Piper before I turn my mind off for a few hours - she had a good day today.  Quiet and calm for the most part.  She seems to be very comfortable most of the time and was actually awake for a few hours today.  She recognized me today and actually expressed a desire for Mommy which did more for my heart than I can say.  One of my favourite parts was when her dainty little hand with its pretty pink nails reached out and settled on my arm, lingering there as if it was in the most comfortable spot.  I didn't want to move!  My baby... she must know how much I love her!  I want to remember the moments like that one... where I can see that she knows she is loved and safe, that I am her comfort.  I wish I could collect all of the moments like this that she has ever shown me to keep them all in one place for easy recall!  

She is getting weaker but there is still so much of her that we can see.  She sleeps so much, but even the doctors are surprised that when she is awake we are able to see so much of the Piper we know and love.  It is a treasure!  I am certain it is God's doing!  Perhaps the miracle He is working?  I don't know but I am grateful to be able to connect with her as long as possible in this way!  My heart treasures every opportunity.  Oh to have so many more!


  1. I am always so touched by your expressions of love.
    May God bless you richly today.

  2. Tears! I'm so grateful for every moment you get with Piper and what a blessing for Peyton. Tristyn informed everybody on Monday that she was wearing pink to Celebrate Piper. It was so cute.

  3. Kari, It was amazing to see the school yesterday , we are all thinking and praying for your family. You are an amazing mother, wife and godly women. What an inspiration to all. Not a day goes by that I haven't been thinking of your family and the amazing courage ,love and faith you have. Piper it truly a loved little girl.

    God bless u and keep you

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Kari. And thank you for the visit yesterday. I will treasure those snuggles with sweet Piper always. Xoxo
    Jill :)

  5. Kari and Jordan,

    Just want to say your love to Piper, love to God, your attitude to life and living everyday to the fullest have great influence to the people around you, including me. Thank you.

    Though the PINK day may have passed, I have decided to go PINK to the church today.

    Love you.

  6. A wonderful post! I'm thinking of Piper every day. I hope you have so many more of the special moments with your girl. I know what an indelible imprint they put on our souls.


  7. Dear Kari,
    I'm thinking thankful thoughts after reading about your Peyton and the love sent from his school, classmates and friends. (makes me think of whom the kingdom of heaven belongs to)
    May there continue to be more moments of comfort for your Piper, especially those precious moments her comfort comes completely from the arms of Mommy and Daddy. You all are close in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. At church this morning, I had multiple people come up to me and show me their Pink for Piper fingernails. We are sending constant love and prayers.

  9. My little girl is in grade 2 at BCS and wore pink...she was proud and excited to join in not only wearing pink but praying for your sweet girl and family. Our family is lifting you up...praying the things you asked for...and pink is a great reminder to pray. We have 2 girls and lots of pink in our lives to remind us to pray.
    All our love, thoughts, prayers...

  10. I was at the grocery store yesterday with Selah and, as we were leaving, a couple of ladies (dressed in pink) asked us if we would like to contribute towards their breast cancer walk. In exchange, we would get a pink ribbon to pin on our shirt. Selah assumed it was all for Piper so we HAD to contribute so we could get a pink ribbon. And Selah proudly wore her pink ribbon to school today. She just couldn't believe that, though we were so far from Calgary, there were people who knew about and loved Piper as much as we do.