Saturday, April 14, 2012

Make a difference for Pipsi

I am so overwhelmed at the support we have received since we began this journey with Piper. We have had a constant stream of visitors, phone calls, emails, etc. offering concern, expressing love and promising prayers. We are filled up by these outpourings of love. We feel buoyed by this support. So many people have asked how they can help too, wanting to do something to show they care.

When Drew was sick, people would offer to help and at first we often turned it down, either feeling like we could do it on our own, or out of fear of inconveniencing someone. Somewhere in the middle of Drew's illness I realized that if the roles were reversed I would want to do anything to help, to show I wished there was something I could do, some way to make it better. It seemed that by saying no to help offered I could be taking another's opportunity to contribute away and I could possibly be quenching the Holy Spirit's prodding of another to help. After this thought, there was nothing to do but accept help with a grateful heart.

This time around, our needs have been quite different. Right now, we are at the Rotary Flames Children's Hospice in Calgary. The Flames house is an amazing place. They provide us three meals a day at no cost to our family. The accommodation is very comfortable and relaxed. The support here is phenomenal, from the nursing staff to the music therapy to the comic relief the chef provides. Because our entire family can stay here, we are able to take shifts with Piper, providing comfort to her around the clock. I am able to spend more time with Peyton too. It has made a difference in our family dynamic for certain. It was so difficult last time to spend time together as Peyton needed to be home for bedtime in the early evening and he would often get a little stir-crazy sitting in the hospital for hours on end. Here we have our own space, there are things for Peyton to do and for us to do together, and we can spend free moments during the day/evening together. What a blessing!!! To all those who pulled the strings so quickly to make this possible for us, we cannot say thank you enough!!!

Because we are here, our needs are limited. We do not need meals. When we do get home, we are not often there long enough to take care of the basics like cleaning, etc., but Peyton's hockey team is covering cleaning for us - thank you to everyone contributing to that!!! We have a crew that often brings us coffee so the bare necessities are covered. When asked what else we need I can't think of anything - God is providing for us so generously. So how can those that want to help contribute? We would love to see others take the spirit of kindness they want to show us and show it to someone else on Piper's behalf. It would mean so much to hear how your your love for Piper and our family impacted someone else! To hear how Piper's life has made a difference through your kindness! If you are willing to share, we would love to hear your comments. (Please let me know if you would be ok with us sharing it. You can either share it in the comment section of the blog or send us an email at

God has a purpose for Piper's life and we are certain He will not take her until His purpose has been accomplished. I pray He will use her life to bless others! My beautiful baby girl, I love you! You have blessed me!


  1. On it! I sent this post to our church FB page to challenge them to do this. Love and Prayers Kari for Our loving Father to hold you and wrap His arms around you. Karen Cameron and The Crossing

  2. Awww Kari you have a heart of Gold. I was just wondering today if there was anyway to help and I figured you probably had lots of support. I would love to do something for someone else as an act of kindness in Piper's name. What a beautiful idea. I will let you know what I come up with.


  3. I love you Kari, Jordan Peyton, Drew, and Piper. That is an understatement. I have been blessed many times over by you. I will pay it forward!!! Grandma Marnie

  4. I am a part of a Mom's group that is organizing a huge donation to the Ronald McDonald house in Pittsbugh. Ben and I are going shopping today to gather some items for the Wish List. We will think of Piper and her family and be thankful that we can bless families here in Pittsburgh with some items to make them feel more at home.

  5. Hi Clark family! My name is Jocelyn Simpson & I have had the privilege of teaching Peyton a few times over the course of the year when Mrs.Cossette was absent. Your story has so impacted me and Piper's strength & determination has been an inspiration. I shared the powerful story of her ability to communicate using her right arm in this time with my university class in a presentation. I encouraged them to use the power of communication through word or action to shape our world just as she is doing. Thank you for sharing the gift of who she is. What a blessing!